D55019 - 100% Cotton Fine Quilted Dressage Pad, Equu-Felt

Equu-Felt filled pad.  The pressed cotton felt helps to absorb impact and relieves pressure points from a horse's back.  Added weight allows the pad 
to stay in place under the saddle. High wither. 100% Cotton.

Machine washable. Also available in all-purpose.
Available in the following color combinations: Click here to see color swatches

White: w/white, black;
Black: w/white, black;
Burgundy: w/black;
Coast Blue: w/black, burgundy;
Cream: w/ black;
Gray: w/ navy;
Hunter: w/ navy;
Ivy: w/black;
Lemon: w/black;
Mustard: w/black;
Navy: w/ hunter, burgundy;
Olive: w/ hunter;
Lime: w/black;
Pink: w/black;
Purple: w/black;
Red: w/black;
Rose: w/ black;
Royal: w/black;
Salmon: w/black;
Sea Blue: w/black;
Smoke: w/burgundy, navy;
Stone Blue: w/navy;
Teal: w/black;
Lavender: w/black;
Magenta: w/black;
Mint: w/black;
Rust: w/black;
Blush: w/black. Click here to request the most recent pricing list.