HA55039 - Double back padding cotton quilted Contour All-Purpose Pad

Fleece lining added to the saddle half of the pad absorbs impact and provides extra relief to the horse' back. Quilted cotton and high withers.
Nylon girths traps and Velcro billet straps.  Horizonal length 25", vertical depth 21". 

Machine wash and line dry.

Available in the following color combinations: Click here to see color swatches

White: w/white, black;
Black: w/ black, white;
Burgundy: w/ black, navy;
Cherry: w/black;
Coast Blue: w/ black, gray, navy;
Cream: w/ black;
Gray: w/ black, navy;
Hunter: w/ burgundy, navy;
Ivy: w/black, pink;
Lemon: w/black, lemon;
Navy: w/ burgundy; hunter;
Lime: w/black;
Pine: w/ black, burgundy;
Pink: w/black, sea blue;
Purple: w/black, pink;
Red: w/black;
Rose: w/black, hunter, pine;
Royal: w/black;
Salmon: w/black;
Sea Blue: w/black, pink;
Smoke: w/ navy;
Stone BlueFw/black, pink;
Tan: w/navy:
Teal: w/black;
Lavender: w/black;
Mint: w/black;
Magenta: w/black;
Sky blue: w/black;
Rust: w/black;
Blush: w/black
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