T55038 - Cotton Square Double Back Trail-riding Pad

The best pad for trail riding is a pad with a fleece backing. The fleece wicks away moisture and distributes heat so that the horse 
is still comfortable after a long day of riding.  The extra padding also absorbs impact and relieves pressure points.  A waterproof 
pocket on each side of the saddle pad allows the rider to carry trail riding accessories and horse treats on the ride. Small square quilting 
keeps inside foam from shifting. Contoured wither provide relief and comfort to the horse.  

May be customized by adding a Monogram

Available in the following colors: Click here to see color swatches

Black: black/hunter/black, black/red/black, black/white/black, black/lime/black, black/orange/black;
Burgundy: burgundy/hunter/black,, burgundy/hunter/navy, burgundy/navy/hunter, burgundy/tan/hunter,
burgundy/white/navy, burgundy/yellow/navy;
Chocolate: chocolate/gray/chocolate, chocolate/navy/hunter, chocolate/pink/navy;
Coast blue: coast blue/burgundy/navy;
Cream: cream/navy/hunter;
Hunter: hunter/brown/black, hunter/burgundy/navy, hunter/gold/navy;
Ivy: ivy/burgundy/navy;
Kelly: kelly/white/black;
Lemon: lemon/gray/black;
Mustard: mustard/pink/navy;
Navy: navy/burgundy/hunter, navy/gold/hunter, navy/sea blue/pink, navy/pink/sea blue, navy/white/red;
Olive: olive/burgundy/hunter;
Orange: orange/black/orange;
Lime: lime/purple/black;
Pink: pink/purple/black;
Purple: purple/pink/black, purple/teal/black;
Red: red/black/black;
Royal: royal/black/black, royal/black/royal;
Salmon: salmon/mustard/black;
Sea blue: sea blue/pink/black, sea blue/pink/sea blue;
Smoke: smoke/burgundy/navy;
Stone: stone/burgundy/navy;
Tan: tan/navy/hunter;
Teal: teal/black/teal, teal/purple/teal, teal/white/teal;
White: white/white/white

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