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Here is what some customers have said about PRI saddle pads:

"I looooove PRI pads. They're the best .

Why? They're cushy, but not terribly thick. They *feel* well-made. They have a really nice wither relief topline. They're big enough to comfortably fit under any saddle and leave you room to pull it up into the gullet. They come in like a million color combinations." - Amastrike, Source (The Chronicle of the Horse website)

"Another vote for the PRI pads...I love love love them! They look nice monogrammed too and they hold up really well, even with daily abuse." - TarheelMD07, Source (The Chronicle of the Horse website)

" love my PRI pads.

I have a pretty leaf green one w/ black piping, a purple one w/ black piping and a lavender one w/ black piping. There are quite a few more colors I'm lusting after too ...

They seem to hold up the best and keep their shape well even after repeated washings. I also like the smaller squares ... seems to keep things smoother and less likely to get lumpy." - onelanerode, Source (The Chronicle of the Horse website)

PRI / Pacific Rim International Pad
Dressage Pad
English Saddle Fittings/Pads

Manufacturer: PRI / Pacific Rim International Pad
Model: Dressage Pad
Category: English Saddle Fittings/Pads

Purchase: I purchased my first one online at for $32, then found another dealer, that sells them for $28. Regina is extremely helpful and will get you anything you want.

Likes: EVERYTHING is lovely about these pads. The shape is perfect, the size is perfect, they are well made and elegant. The straps are just the right size in just the right place. I LOVE my PRI Pads. They are neat and tidy, the cotton is durable but feels fine, not like crappy cotton or canvas, the underneath is brushed soft cotton, I don't know how they do it... honestly, I would like to have a bed made out of these saddle pads. They are lightly foam filled, but its not that thick cheap feeling foam, its just barely there.

Dislikes: There is absolutely nothing I don't like about these pads.

Quality: Extremely high quality. I am not kind to my tack and my horses love to roll in the mud. My snow white dressage pad is my everyday pad and I could show in it tomorrow. It resists stains, its durable, and it magically never wrinkles or looks ragged. I wash my pad twice a month, wring it and then throw it on a fence to dry for a few days, and it looks brand spanking new each time. Even the underside, the soft brushed cotton (I love the brushed cotton!) stays soft and nappy.

Summary: I just discovered they've released just about every color and piping combo under the sun, so I went crazy and have a pad for every day of the week. And they have subtle muted tone colors too, not just crazy pink and green, but sage and mustard and chocolate with contrasting piping. I love love love PRI pads.

Rating: 5

Author: anon.


"I love the pads made by PRI. They hold up great and have no irritating seams." - MVeventer, Source (

Manufacturer: Pacific Rim International
Model: All Purpose Pad
Category: English Saddle Fittings/Pads

Purchase: I purchased this pad from Brenda's Tack Ware House. 917 Main St Woodland, CA 95695 530-666-1900. The purchase price for the pad is $32.95 excluding tax. The pad was purchased because I needed a second pad.

Likes: Pacific Rim International makes an exceptional product. I purchased a second pad because I like the product so much. I have had the first pad for nearly a year and I use is 3-5 times a week. None of the stitching is coming apart. The color has remain vibrant and bright even after many washings. There is an excellent variety of colors available.

Dislikes: I wish one could order directly from Pacific Rim International and make custom orders.

Quality: The pad is well constructed. The piping on the edges not only gives the pad an aesthetic appeal it is also functional in reinforcing the edges.

Summary: I will continue purchasing pads made by Pacific Rim International. The quality is fantastic and the pad is perfect for those on a budget.

Rating: 5

Author: Donna


Manufacturer: PRI
Model: All Purpose Saddle Pad
Category: English Saddle Fittings/Pads

Purchase: I paid $15 for this pad on sale at a local tack shop.

Likes: I love this saddle pad. I think one of the saddest days in my life was finding out that it wouldn't work with my new saddle. It's just the right thickness, and has a flannel underside which helps to keep it in place. It also has lime green piping, which made my day when I bought it.

Dislikes: The only thing I don't like about it is that the piping wasn't colourfast, its bled little in the wash, but for a schooling pad I don't think it makes that big of a difference.

Quality: Nicely made pad. Cotton on the top, flannel on the bottom. It is a little cut back towards the withers so it's nice for a horse with some withers.

Summary: It's just a wonderful pad. You can bet that I'm looking for a dressage one right now.

Rating: 5

Author: wildpolarbearqueen

Date: 2007-07-23


"I'm definitely addicted to the saddle pad-polo MATCHING SETS! PRI makes them in such fun colors... " - No1Dazy, Source (

On our Microsuede Pads

"They work good for english tack and good for the winter weather." - Jennifer Games from New Bern, NC, Source (

"my pony loves this saddle pad and when i showed her in it i got alot of compliments. i also think it has good quality and is a great price. i reccomened this to all my friends. you should buy it." - faith from springfeild, illinois on 1/25/2009,



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